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fargo arizona

Aboriginal, Acoustic, Classic Rock, Rock, Singer/songwriter

fargo arizona is a Canadian singer/songwriter. His musical journey started in Minnesota, where he was born, to Arizona, where his music was born, and now to Canada. He calls his sound "Desert Rock" a blend of pop, modern rock, classic rock, tribal, and blues he created from his years on the local music scene in Arizona. Tempe is where he spent most of his career perfecting his craft with one simple bit of advice "Play what you feel". And that is exactly what you get from this artist. The music brings you in and the vocals connect with your very soul.

The upcoming album is being produced by Robb Vallier, who worked with such artists as Gin Blossoms, Wailing Souls who got a Grammy nomination, and was also on the team that won the Grammy Award for the musical Spamalot.

The upcoming months will prove very exciting for this new artist as this will be fargo arizona's first album recording. The first three singles released "My Last Ride", "Call My Name", and "I Promise" all reached the top 3 on the NCI FM National Aboriginal Countdown and are getting airplay on many stations across Canada. The upcoming album will prove to be quite a remarkable collection of songs that will do exactly what they are intended to do, "Make you feel".


Jason Ross
Winnipeg MB Canada
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"I Promise"

"Desert Heat"

"Call My Name"

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